Wineglass Tea Light Holder

unikatissima Wineglass Tea Light Holder.jpg

Don’t these wineglass tea light holders look nice?
Once I’ve seen an instruction for them (that’s only available now via web archive), which was meant for Christmas with little Christmas ornaments put in the glasses.

I can’t throw away anything and so I thought that it’d look nice to fill the glasses…


unikatissima Wineglass Tea Light Holder.jpg… with hand-dyed paper scraps or…


unikatissima Wineglass Tea Light Holder.jpg… with yarn and thread scraps that I kept for reasons I can’t understand anymore ;-)


I can imagine as well to put flowers into the glasses, or carved vegetables or the apple swan or the little hors d’oeuvres penguin ;-)

Note: Be careful to fix the tea lights or even candles so that they can’t slip or topple over!

Wineglass Candles in web archive

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Chillie Anthurium
Apple Swan
Penguin Hors d’oeuvres

Ice Votives

craftster Ice Votives

At the moment we’re jittering from the cold here – what better time to make some most beautiful votives from ice for the balcony or the garden?

When it get’s warm again we will be making jewelry from ice again and at every time we can make a lot of things from the plastic bottles ;-)

Ice Votives (Video – How to Make Ice Votives) (Video)

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Ice Jewelry
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Iamond Lantern

mathpuzzle Iamond Lantern

No, no, ‘iamond’ is no typing error, these things are called like this and are nothing else than shapes composed from equilateral triangles.
Here somebody went the (for me crucial) step further and made nice lantern diagrams from.
I still must find out whether they really can be used as lanterns.

The paper lampshade on the other hand is also made from nearly equilateral triangles.

Iamond Lantern (iamonds)
The actual folding diagram (GIF file, ca. 16 KB)

About shapes made from equilateral triangles (Polyiamond)

Here at unikatissima:
Paper Lampshade

Modern Advent Wreath

Recyclart Modern Advent Wreath

Ok, ok, this ‘tealight holder’ isn’t meant as Advent wreath, where you light a(nother) candle every Advent Sunday but it would fit very well, wouldn’t it?
Perhaps one should lay some evergreen boughs aside… ;-))


unikatissima Steckdose I tried it with one of our multiple sockets and it simply didn’t look good because I couldn’t insert the tealight deep enough into the sockets because of the noses inside, so I will go back to a traditional Advent wreath this year again ;-)

Modern Advent Wreath (Light up)

If you want to know more about Advent wreaths in Germany and perhaps even want to make one yourself, check out Christmas Craft Projects – Advent Wreath and How to Make Natural Green Wreaths on the same site.

Plastic Bottle Candle Holder

allfreecrafts Bottle Candle Holders

I really like the idea for those plastic bottle candle holders – only the colours are not my cup of tea.
I imagine them vividly coloured – that would be great for a beautiful summer evening where you make a barbecue on the patio.
Now I only have to get a patio and a barbecue ;-)

Plastic Bottle Candle Holder (Recycled Pop Bottle Candle Holders)

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Water Balloon Luminaries

candletech Water Balloon Luminaries

Aren’t those beautiful?
When finding the instruction on how to make water balloon luminaries I was thrilled.
It looks so easy (I haven’t tested it yet) and it’s worth to read the comments, too, to get the experience and more ideas:

  • several comments tell about their experience with this technique: some had problems with popping balloons while dipping them into the wax and hot wax got everywhere, so it seems that one has to be very careful;
  • somebody said that they saw poured sand at the bottom to prevent overheating/melting, somebody else suggested to put some water in the luminary for the same reason;
  • I’ve seen mentioned somewhere to cast some plaster of paris on the bottom for the same reason;
  • as Carol said for the geometric cut paper table lamp you can use battery operated tea lights;
  • suggestions were given to put something between the layers, like leaves and somebody else told their erperience with this;
  • I’ve seen somewhere that somebody glued (somehow?) the top layer of paper napkins on such wax luminaries;
  • someone wanted to make parts of the luminary opaque which didn’t work, but somebody else suggested to use different coloured wax for the layers with a dark colour as outer layer and then carefully carve out a pattern through the outer layers;
  • one comment even suggests to do a similar technique with chocolate syrup in place of wax to get chocolate bowls (hmmm! ;-));
  • and somebody gave a tip on what to use if you don’t have a double boiler.

I’m not quite sure if I want to play around with this, but the temptation is strong ;-))

Water Balloon Luminaries

Fun Recycled Food Package Lights

unikatissima Recycled Food Package Lights

I found an instruction on how to make fun lights from ‘silly’ food packages.
I really like them and wanted to try them immediately.
Therefore I took a look at my kitchen and found the joghurt cup. I thought that the light should shine through and I began with pricking some ‘test holes’.
Looks interesting, doesn’t it?


unikatissima Recycled Food Package Lights In fact I found the hole pattern around the lettering the most interesting.


unikatissima Recycled Food Package Lights What I also liked was that the lower holes made a nice light pattern.


Fidgety Fingers: Fun Recycled Food Package Lights
via Junk Mail Gems – DIY Christmas Gifts from Inhabitat

Tealight Wire Spiral

unikatissima Tealight Wire Spiral

I browse sometimes at WigJig University – Jewelry Making Designs and found once the Wire and Beads Christmas Tree.
It wasn’t Christmas time then, so I used the wire Christmas tree as inspiration and made me a tealight wire spiral.
It doesn’t look as beautiful as I thought with the tealight lit, because the light shines upwards and the spiral lies in darkness, but I still like it.
I suspended it on a thread and sometimes I let it turn slowly (and carefully!) with the flame burning, that looks lovely.

WigJig University – Jewelry Making Designs: a fantastic compilation of wire jewelry projects!
Wire and Beads Christmas Tree