Hexagonal Box

papirklip og aesker Hexagonal Box.jpg

I always like to look for boxes and I like the hexagonal box very much – just as much as the Washi box because they have both this ‘extra box on the inside’.

Coming soon! ;-)

Hexagonal Box (Sekskantet pap├Žske Hexagonal box) (Danish and Englisch) – the first text is always Danish, the English text follows in italic font

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Crochet Motif Blanket

New Leaf Designs Crochet Motif Blanket

I find the crochet motif blanket very nice!
I will work it one day – just as the crochet summer blanket, the crochet hexagon blanket, the colourful crochet blanket and of course the colourful crocheted hexagon blanket ;-)


Crochet Motif Blanket (Filet Flower Square – FREE Pattern) (Dutch and English)
via: Filet Flower Square

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