Cardboard Tube Smartphone Speaker

Yonolotiraria Cardboard Tube Smartphone Speaker

Ok, for such card­board tube smart­phone speakers I’d even buy these card­board tube potato chips ;-)


Cardboard Tube Smartphone Speaker (DIY ganador del concurso de Pringles. UN ALTAVOZ!) (Spanish)
via: Diy: Speaker from Recycled Pringles Box / Altavoz Con Bote De Pringles

Recycled Pin Board

Hometalk Sofia Encinas Recycled Pin Board

The recycled pin board is nice, isn’t it?
Several of the previously presented instructions use toilet paper tubes in a similar way.


Recycled Pin Board (HOW TO: Make a Simple Pin Board Out of Recycled Material)

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Toilet Paper Roll Rose

Accents and Petals Toilet Paper Roll Rose

Wow, the toilet paper roll rose looks nearly real :)
Impressing what you can make roses from!


Toilet Paper Roll Rose (DIY: How To Make Roses Using Empty Toilet Tissue Tubes)

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