Crayon Candles

craftster recycled crayon candles

Now that’s getting sooner dark candles become more interesting again – as I find.

I found a tutorial for crayon candles that I think is absolutely great, because it’s ‘only’ making use of leftovers, but I find the results stunning.
But I still need my crayons ;-)


recycled crayon candles

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Crayon Encaustic

unikatissima Crayon Encaustic.jpg

A long time ago I found an instruction for encaustic for poor.
On the photo you see one of the tries I made – I like it ;-))

I think that I will have to do it once more.

Encaustic für Arme (German)

English: Read the section ‘Ironing Crayon’. On this site you find more ideas for melted crayons.

Self Coloured Tissue Papers

unikatissima Self Coloured Tissue Papers

Accidentally I found a way of making beautiful coloured background papers from tissue paper or paper napkins and markers.


That’s what you have to do:
unikatissima Self Coloured Tissue Papers First I cut the tissue paper in pieces of about 6×6 cm (roughly 2,5×2,5 inches).
I painted them (through all layers) with colour matching markers.
It doesn’t matter if there are little white areas.


unikatissima Self Coloured Tissue Papers I layed the coloured pieces out on plastic foil (e.g. an unused garbage bag) and moisted them with water.
The water makes the colours bleed wonderfully.
It is best to add the water dropwise, this way you can determine best how much water you add (if it gets too wet, the colours bleeds too much and doesn’t stay on the tissue paper).


unikatissima Self Coloured Tissue Papers In the end I let dry the coloured squares.
When using them for cardmaking, I mostly only use two or three layers, not all of them.
But you have to try this by yourself.


Here I show two hand embroidered postcard sized wallhangings (just like the Paper Crazy Quilt) I worked with self coloured tissue papers. Both tissue papers are layers of the same paper (you can see that they have the same pattern), but the different coloured background papers make them glow differently.
unikatissima Card unikatissima Card


unikatissima Self Coloured Fabric Once I used the same technique on fabric (an old (clean! ;-)) bedsheet) and it worked.
The next time I added too much water and suddenly everything was of the same dull colour. ;-)
I think that this colour can be heat set just as the acryl coloured or the crayon tinted fabric, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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Acryl Coloured Fabric
Crayon Tinted Fabric

Crayon Tinted Fabric

unikatissima Crayon Tinted Fabric

I found a very interesting tutorial on how to tint fabric with crayons.
On the picture you see my first and up until now last (and not really successful ;-)) attempt at this technique: I laid a self crocheted flower underneath.
Better you try it by yourself ;-))

I preferred the acryl coloured fabric.

Tinted Linens
Let’s celebrate

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