Wax Embellished Candle

Revamperate Wax Embellished Candle

This wax embellished candle has been made for Halloween, but I’d find it most beautiful in shades of blue and green for an estival patio :)
The red wax comes from a red candle, but as we have seen for the crayon candles it should be possible to make wax embellished candles also with crayons.
So we had even more choice of colours :)


Wax Embellished Candle (Halloween DIY Bleeding Candle Decorations)

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Crayon Votives

The Swell Designer Crayon Votives

What a great idea: crayon votives, simply marble glasses with crayons!
In the tutorial it says that the wax will get a little tacky but doesn’t melt away.
I will have to try this one day :)


Crayon Votives (DIY Stained Glass Crayon Candles)
via: Who knew you could get such a cool stained glass look from this simple kid’s craft staple? Mind BLOWN.

Watercolour Cards

Glamour and Grace Watercolour Cards

These watercolour cards are first written on with a ‘blender pencil’ and then painted with water colours.
When I was a kid we used to write first with a candle or as in the cute quote with a white crayon and painted this with water colours.
Whatever you use, you can make this way most beautiful and very personal cards :)


Watercolour Cards (DIY | Watercolor ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Cards)
via: Wonderful & Whimsical: DIY Watercolor Invitations
via: Wonderful & Whimsical: DIY Watercolor Invitations – Glamour & Grace

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Crayon Print T-shirt

Alpha Mom Crayon Print T-shirt

A great idea: draw on sandpaper with crayon and print onto a t-shirt with an iron :)

Actually you should be able to combine this technique with those of the crayon coloured t-shirt and the crayon tinted fabric!?


Crayon Print T-shirt (Sandpaper Printed T-shirt)
via: TO DO: Create a sandpaper printed T-shirt…draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt…DONE!

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