Miniature Faux Glass Art

BluKatKraft Miniature Faux Glass Art

The miniature faux glass art has actually been made for a doll house, but I find that it could also greatly been used for jewelry just like the other plastic bottle jewelry ideas :)


Miniature Faux Glass Art (DIY Dollhouse Miniatures: Modern “Glass” Art Tutorial)

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Polymer Clay Windmill Earrings

Budgetbabe Polymer Clay Windmill Earrings

I find the polymer clay windmill earrings very nice!
There’s also a matching ring :)
They are painted with nail polish by the way.


Polymer Clay Windmill Earrings (Windmill Earrings and Ring)

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Faux Flower Necklace

My White idea Faux Flower Necklace

Faux flower necklace means in this case ‘artificial flower necklace’.
If you’d rather make jewelry with real flowers, you may want to look for the fresh flower jewelry and the fresh flower ring :)


Faux Flower Necklace (FLOWER NECKLACE HEADBAND DIY) (Spanish and English)
via: Flower Necklace- Headband DIY

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Beaded Daisy Earrings

youtube Sonysree Creations Beaded Daisy Earrings

Nice, the beaded Daisy earrings, aren’t they? They would match fine the beaded Daisy chevron necklace and the beaded Daisy chain :)


Beaded Daisy Earrings (Daisy Vine Earrings. DIY Beaded Earrings. How to make beaded earrings.)

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Beaded Daisy Chevron Necklace
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Tie Dyed Fabric Jewelry

Dollar Store Crafts Tie Dyed Fabric Jewelry

I find the tie dyed fabric jewelry very nice – and it is even hand-dyed!
This means that you can dye it after your taste :)


Tie Dyed Fabric Jewelry (Tutorial: Tie Dyed Fabric Jewelry)

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