Crochet Heart Decoration

Tutti guardano le nuvole Crochet Heart Decoration

I have actually already presented two crocheted hearts (crocheted heart 1 and crocheted heart 2) although this usually is not really my cup of tea.
And now a crochet heart decoration ;-)
I find it cute, though.
If you, too, are not exactly a crochet heart person, but like this kind of decoration, you may want to look again at the tomato tube leaves :)


Crochet Heart Decoration (Valentine’s Day) (Italian)

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Crocheted Heart
Crocheted Heart II
Tomato Tube Leaves

Microwave Salt Dough

Rainy Day Mum Microwave Salt Dough

With the microwave salt dough you can make Christmas tree ornaments, gift tags, but also Valentine’s Day ornaments and Halloween decorations, e.g. matching the knitted Halloween ornaments ;-)


Microwave Salt Dough (The Quickest Ever Salt Dough Recipe)

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Knitted Halloween Ornaments

Square Origami Box II

Go Origami Square Origami Box

This square origami box II is very similar to the previously presented square origami box – but I think that they are not equal.


Square Origami Box II (Simple Origami Boxes)
via: Origami box (Robin Glynn, Carmen Sprung)

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Square Origami Box

Square Origami Box

Gathering Beauty Square Origami Box

unikatissima Advent Calendar


This is my most prefered square origami box, at the right you see my Advent calendar that I made with the boxes :)
It would also be a nice box for a gift for Valentine’s Day :)


Square Origami Box (Diy Square Origami Box.)
via: Make this simple DIY Square Origami Box with an interlocking lid quickly out of a single sheet of paper.

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Heart Stamps Valentine Card

little monster Heart Stamps Valentine Card

The heart stamps Valentine card is embellished with self-made heart stamps :)

If you like this you may want to let you inspire once more by the previously presented eraser printed heart and heart stamp :)


Heart Stamps Valentine Card (diy valentine stamps w/ printable)
via: 40 Unconventional DIY Valentine’s Day Cards – 19. Handmade Stamp Cards

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Eraser Printed Heart
Heart Stamp