Paper Beads Dragonfly Pendant

etsy Papermelon Paper Beads Dragonfly Pendant

I have presented already a lot to the topic of paper beads, but not yet the cute paper beads dragonfly pendant :)


Paper Beads Dragonfly Pendant (Artist dragonfly necklace • Unusual jewelry • Woodland necklace • Creative necklace • One year anniversary gift for wife • Fantasy jewelry)
=> not an instruction, but a nice inspiration :)

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Paper Beads Machine

youtube Heather Boyd Wire Paper Beads Machine

I have presented the paper beads roller before, but I find the paper beads machine even better :)


Paper Beads Machine (Make your own Machine to create Rolled Paper Beads Tutorial) (video)
via: Make your own machine to create rolled recycled paper beads. #recycle #DIY #beads

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Paper Beads Roller

African Style Paper Beads

craft African Style Paper Beads

I wrote several entries about paper beads already, I find the African style paper beads also most beautiful!


African Style Paper Beads (Recycling paper: African beads made of paper …!)
=> unfortunately I haven’t found the original instruction
via: Make paper beads with African inspired designs.

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Lentil Shaped Paper Beads

Paper Beads Lentil Shaped Paper Beads

I’ve presented already many (beautiful!) paper beads and lentil swirled beads but not yet the lentil shaped paper beads ;-)
There is a link to a video which shows very good how to make them.


Lentil Shaped Paper Beads (A Tutorial on Saucer Shapes)
=> there link to video: How To Make Saucer Shape Beads

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Lentil Swirled Beads