Watermelon Carving

BuzzFeed Rebecca E Watermelon Carving

I’ve presented the Baby Melon before, as this watermelon carved swimmer shows you can make much more with watermelon carving.
The swimmer is only one of 75 presented carved watermelons, look also at the others, they’re really amazing! :)


Watermelon Carving (75 Awesome Watermelon Carvings – 6.)
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Unfortunately I didn’t find out where the picture on top comes from, if you know it please tell me :)

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Baby Melon

Jelly Melon

BuzzFeed Christine Byrne Jelly Melon

Again something interesting with melon: the jelly melon.
In the tutorial it is made with Vodka, but I think that it is also a fun and yummy idea without alcohol :)


Jelly Melon (Here’s How To Make XXL Watermelon Jell-O Shots)
via: Best DIY Party Food Ideas – 40. Watermelon Jello Shots
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Recycled Yarns

Recycled Yarns

I really like to crochet (ok, to knit also, but not soo much ;-)).
Anyhow, the yarns are quite expensive.
Therefore I was thrilled when I found the article ‘Recycling yarn / Unravelling thrift store sweaters’. In addition I found a tutorial on how to unravel a sweater.
Equipped with this new know-how I am anxious for the next thrift store visit ;-))
And then I will see to it to get some Kool-Aid or other food colouring to dye my newly achieved yarns myself as taught (amongst others) by knitty.com.
And if it works well, I will give self-made self-striping yarn a try (found via ‘Watermelon Socks’).
This will be better than my previously mentioned coloured yarns. And I think as much fun as the other recycled yarn made from plastic bags.

I’m curious about when I will find the time (and the place! ;-)) to do all this, but it is fixed on my to-do and to-try lists ;-)

Recycling yarn / Unravelling thrift store sweaters
Tutorial on how to unravel a sweater

Dying wool with food colouring
(For other tutorials google for ‘dye kool-aid’)

Self-made self-striping yarn
(via ‘Watermelon Socks’)

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