Accessories from Melted Beads

The 36th Avenue Accessories from Melted Beads

I’d never have thought of melting plastic beads to make accessories from melted beads, but I like the idea :)
This is however decidedly an outdoor craft!


Accessories from Melted Beads (Melted Beads and Accessories)
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Spraypainting Accessories

flickr OutsaPop Spraypainting Accessories

A great idea again: customize accessories to your clothes with spray paints.
This way you can make i.e. comfortable shoes for dancing matching your ball dress ;-)
Or follow the ideas of Buy Nothing Day and revamp a by now shabby handbag to match your newest coat.
You also could have coloured one of your boots in red and fill it with some sweets ;-))

Spraypainting Accessories

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