Miniature Faux Glass Art

BluKatKraft Miniature Faux Glass Art

The miniature faux glass art has actually been made for a doll house, but I find that it could also greatly been used for jewelry just like the other plastic bottle jewelry ideas :)


Miniature Faux Glass Art (DIY Dollhouse Miniatures: Modern “Glass” Art Tutorial)

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Laminated Flower Earrings

Journey into Creativity Laminated Flower Earrings

And when there are real flowers again you can make laminated flower earrings from them :)
If you don’t want to laminate, take a look again at the fresh flower ring, the fresh flower jewelry and the polymer clay ear flower!


Laminated Flower Earrings (Laminated real flower earrings) (Greek)

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Fresh Flower Ring
Fresh Flower Jewelry
Polymer Clay Ear Flower

Bracelet with Recycled Plastic Beads

instructables Rhonda Chase Design Bracelet with Recycled Plastic Beads

Do you remember the plastic bottle beads?
The bracelet with recycled plastic beads has been made the same way – and I find it really beautiful!


Bracelet with Recycled Plastic Beads (Recycled Plastic Bead Bracelets)

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Plastic Bottle Beads

Plastic Bottle Brooch

FancyTat Plastic Bottle Brooch

I have presented before junk jewelry and also a lot made from plastic bottles, so it was only a question of time when I’d present a (beautiful!) plastic bottle brooch ;-)


Plastic Bottle Brooch (Upcycled Bottle Brooches/Corsages)

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Junk Jewelry
Beitr├Ąge, die das Wort ‘Plastikflasche’ enthalten

Plastic Bag Jewelry

recyclart Aino Faven Plastic Bag Jewelry

Doesn’t the plastic bag jewelry look beautiful?
The bracelet/the necklace (I don’t know what it is) is made from recycled transparent plastic bags and is not only good for the environment but I find it also most beautiful :)


Plastic Bag Jewelry (Aino Faven) (English and Finish)
=> there is no tutorial, it is only an inspiration
via: Necklace “Balls” Made with Recycled Fruits Plastic Bags By Finnish Designer Aino Faven

Accessories from Melted Beads

The 36th Avenue Accessories from Melted Beads

I’d never have thought of melting plastic beads to make accessories from melted beads, but I like the idea :)
This is however decidedly an outdoor craft!


Accessories from Melted Beads (Melted Beads and Accessories)
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