African Flower Ball

Crochetbug African Flower Ball

Do you remember the crochet hexagon bear and the African flower granny square?
The African flower ball is made similarly, is similarly colourful and I find it similarly bright :)


African Flower Ball (Assembling the African Flower soccer ball)
via: African Flower Soccer Ball (here comes the picture from)

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Crochet Hexagon Bear
African Flower Granny Square

Crochet Necklace

ravelry Merri Purdy Crochet Necklace

Isn’t this crochet necklace nice?
You can simply make it match your wardrobe with your stash :)

This is also possible with the other crochet necklaces here in the blog :)


Crochet Necklace (Barrel Button Necklace) (English and German)

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