Printed Book Page

Die Raumfee Printed Book Page

I’ve presented before the book and silhouette art where you print black on book pages.
The printed book page is a colour print on a book page – I’d never have expected it to look so beautiful :)


Printed Book Page (Wollen balde kommen…) (German)

Here at unikatissima:
Book and Silhouette Art

Book Birds

Die Raumfee Book Birds

I find the book birds really cute – and I’m sure that should the situation arise you can also make book fishes ;-)


Book Birds (Von täglichen Helden, alten Buchstaben, neuen Vögeln und dem nicht mehr aufzuhaltenden Frühling…) (German and English)
via: Paper birds tutorial in German and English by Die Raumfee.

Letter Photo Art

Shanty2Chic Letter Photo Art

I find this a very individual gift: the name of the recipient composed of pictures of the single letters.
You can find the pictures of the single letters in a flickr collection with hundreds of letter pictures.


Letter Photo Art for Christmas!
via: Free photo letters. There are literally hundreds of each letter. You simply download for FREE and print from your own printer.

flickr letter collection: Leo Reynolds > Collections > Letters
wall art

Collograph Printing

unikatissima Collograph Printing

Once again I found a tutorial about something I really want to try once: Collograph Printing.

I think it could be fun: to glue stuff onto cardboard, to ink it and to press a sheet of paper onto.
The paragraph where they wrote, that you can use moistened watercolour paper and get some embossed paper was most interesting to me.

I will ;-))

Collograph Printing