Sweater Pumpkin

Confessions of a Plate Addict Sweater Pumpkin

A new day, a new pumpkin ;-)
You must admit that this sweater pumpkin is a cute idea :)
But I suppose that because of the many craft ideas for old sweaters you don’t have none at home anymore ;-)


Easy Sweater Pumpkins
via: DIY Saturday: How To Make A Sweater Pumpkin

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Leftover Sweater

woolworks Leftover Sweater Pattern

Well, it’s mentioned as an leftover sweater because every diamond can be worked from another yarn of your stash.
But I find the ‘construction’ of the sweater interesting ;-)


Because I haven’t understood the sketch until I’ve cut and folded it from scrap paper, see here a picture on how the sweater should look:
woolworks Leftover Sweater.jpg
I will have to give it a try somewhen ;-))


If you don’t like it (or don’t have a stash big enough ;-)), see what else you can do with your stash kann.


Leftover Sweater (Oddball Sweater)
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Custom-fit Raglan Sweater

ravelry Custom-fit Raglan Sweater


What do the five sweaters and jackets from the picture have in common?
They’re all made following the same instruction!

Unfortunately I could never finish such a big item ;-)

By the way, I got to know the instruction when I found the Crazy Lace Cardigan, but I absolutely wanted to present the instruction once more separately ;-)

Addendum: Kalinumba told us that there is a (German) online calculator for the Raglan sweater.
We don’t have to calculate ourselves, there ;-)

The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater
via: Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan

I have the photos on the picture from ravelry, four of them can be seen in internet, too:
1: vneck raglan for dad
2: Sensible stripes 3
3: raglan
4: only to be seen as ravelry project: First Sweater
5: DSC02052

Online calculator (Der ultimativ-simple Raglanpullover-Rechner) (German)

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Sweater Trophies

recyclart Sweater Trophies

I’m completely amazed by these ‘trophies’! ;-)
I’m sure that you can make the shape yourself, e.g. from recycled cardboard and tape or even plaster.

If you don’t like this so much, you still can make sweater boots, a scarf from your old sweater or you can unravel it for the yarn ;-)


Sweater Trophies (Deer trophies)

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