Socks from Sweater Sleeves

Pearls and Scissors Socks from Sweater Sleeves

These socks from sweater sleeves are basically the same as the recycled sweater socks. But because they look quite different, I present them both.
I find the ‘special’ on both, that here is not something made from socks, but that socks are made from something ;-)


Socks from Sweater Sleeves (DIY Upcycled Socks from sweater sleeves)

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Sweater Knitting Basket

Martha Stewart Sweater Knitting Basket

This sweater knitting basket is made from an old sweater.
If you don’t need a sweater knitting basket but have old sweaters to work with take a look here in the blog what else I have on the topic of recycling sweaters :)


Sweater Knitting Basket (Felted Knitting Basket)

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