Snowflake Table Runner

Good Housekeeping Snowflake Table Runner

I recently published an entry to the subject of: What c.a.n we do with lace (doilies)?, I like the idea to make a winter table runner also very much :)


Snowflake Table Runner (DIY Christmas Table Settings – Snow Cover)
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Here at unikatissima:
Lace Inspiration

Special Snowflake Garland

michele made me Special Snowflake Garland

I find this garland from cut to pieces and new arranged snowflakes soo beautiful! :)
How to cut such snowflakes is linked at my card with paper ornament :)


Special Snowflake Garland (Snowflake Mashup)

Here at unikatissima:
Card with Paper Ornament

Card with Paper Ornament

unikatissima Card with Paper Ornament

I found the umpteenth instruction on how to cut a snowflake from paper, but this time the snowflake looked so much more beautiful than usually.
I made immediately a card with non winterly coloured advertising junk mail paper :)

Fidgety Fingers: Magazine Manifesto – Paper Snow

Here at unikatissima: Kirigami Flower

Edible Snowflakes

unikatissima Edible Snowflakes

Something else for an advent calendar: Edible Snowflakes.
You only take ready-made tortillas and cut snowflakes.

Edible Snowflakes

Cutting snowflakes:
Google search result for ‘paper snowflake instructions’
Google image search result for ‘paper snowflake instructions’

Google search result for ‘anleitung papier schneeflocke’
Google image search result for ‘anleitung papier schneeflocke’