Shibori Felt Scarf

bishugelabs flickr Shibori Felt

I found an interesting technique: tying scarves in Shibori technique and then felting them.
On the picture you see some photos you can get when searching flickr for the tags ‘shibori felt’.
Really great, aren’t they?

I found several instructions:
Shibori felt scarf

via the craftzine ‘shibori felting’ entry:
Entries with the tag ‘Shibori’ at
Shibori felting tutorial at whipup
More about Shibori felting at CraftyPeople

Google search result for ‘shibori felting’
Google image search result for ‘shibori felting’

Flickr search result for ‘shibori felt’

Wikipedia entry for ‘Shibori’

I made the mosaic with the Mosaic Maker of Big Huge Labs.
The images are:
First row:
shibori, dry and untied by monattka
Shibori Scarf by elanknits
Shibori – first attempt :) by raspberryfairy

Second row:
Shibori felt (stage 1) by Feltbug
shibori felt detail by Carole K
Felt Shibori by woolly fabulous


unikatissima Actinia Wristwarmers

Once I saw the Worm Scarf and having read the instruction for the ‘worms’ I thought that you can knit great fringes this way.
I begun with wristwarmers and after having finished them they looked like the sea anemones called Actinia.

Then I was hooked and knitted an Actinia headband, an Actinia ring and an Actinia brooch (see pictures below).
It is soooo much fun ;-)

And for all this items I wrote a tutorial. You can find the link below at the links.


unikatissima Actinia Headband This is the headband.
It is just possible that there are slightly too much fringes!?


unikatissima Actinia Ring My Actinia ring – cute, isn’t it?


unikatissima Actinia Brooch That is the brooch. It looks great on my black overcoat.


unikatissima Actinia The Actinia wristwarmers and ring can easily be worn over woollen gloves if it’s really cold.


unikatissima Actinia Anklewarmer I haven’t done the Actinia anklewarmer yet, I made the picture with my not yet sewn wristwarmer.
Looks great, doesn’t it?


unikatissima’s Englisch tutorial for Actinia (PDF – ca. 400 KB)
(with explaining photos)

unikatissima’s German tutorial for Actinia (PDF – ca. 400 KB)
(with explaining photos)

There you find instructions on how to
knit items with fringes,
add knitted fringes to finished items,
knit the wristwarmers,
knit the headband,
knit the ring,
knit the brooch and
knit an I-cord.
I also added ideas for more ways to befringe items.

Worm Scarf

Wikipedia: Sea anemones

Needle felting with cookie cutters

unikatissima Cookie Cutter Needle Felting

Via craftzine I found a tutorial on how to felt a needle brooch using a cookie cutter.
She used flower cookie cutters, but now, where Christmas isn’t really far away any more, we can dig out the Christmas cookie cutters: stars, moons, Christmas trees, but also hearts etc.

I couldn’t try it yet, but I intend to. And if it works (what I’m assuming ;-)), I want to try to make my own ‘moulds’ from cardboard stripes.
I’m agog ;-)

How To Needle Felt a Flower Brooch
via craftzine – How to make a felted flower:

Wrap a Rock

Wrap a Rock

Embellishing rocks seems to be quite popular. Some people paint them, some people embroider them, some people felt them, some people wrap them in lace, some people wrap them in polymer clay, some people crochet them and some people bead them.
And if you want them to be fragrant, check back the previous mentioned Fragrant Rocks.
I never did anything with rocks, because I’m living on sandy ground ;-)
But all those rocks rock ;-)

Painted rocks (via CraftZine)
Embroidered rocks
Felted rocks
Lace wrapped rocks (via CraftZine)
Polymer clay covered rocks
Crocheted rocks
Beaded rocks

At unikatissima’s:
Fragrant Rocks

Felting Soap

Felting Soap

I heard somewhere about felting soap and I asked myself why one should do this!
Then I found the tutorial on how to felt soap, tried it and really enjoyed it ;-)
It is not alone the process of felting, but later the washing of my hands with my felted soap felt wonderful too! So I didn’t give it away but kept it just for myself ;-)
It is gone now and I really should felt another.

Felting Soap