Beaded Leaves

craftster Beaded Leaves

These leaves are a kind of Peyote leaves and they are called ‘Russian St. Petersburg leaves’.
She made the tutorial because she didn’t find any – I find that great!

Ehm, I did find another tutorial (just in case) ;-)

If the leaves are called ‘Russian St. Petersburg leaves’ then I think that they are supposed to be made for the St.Petersburg necklace – that stands to reason, doesn’t it? In any case they would match wonderfully.

Beaded Leaves (Let’s talk leaves ** TUTORIAL**)
How to Make Leaves using St. Petersburg Stitch

Here at unikatissima:
Peyote Leaves
St.Petersburg Necklace

Felt Leaves Scarf

craftster Felt Leaves Scarf

Wow, I find the felt leaves scarf really great, too!

She made it with Nuno-felting of silk, sewing on of the leaf stitchings and cutting out of the middle pieces, but she writes that it should work with prefabricated felt, too.

When Nuno-felting, you felt the wool in thin layers into a prefabricated fabric, I did it before but not with silk but with a simple chiffon kerchief and it worked great.

Felt Leaves Scarf (Wetfelted nuno-scarve)

Corrugated Leaves

textilefusion Corrugated Leaves

Well, fall is coming.
The leaves look still beautiful outside, but soon they will be gone and then you can fall back on your own – if you like even evergreen – leaves.
There’s something to be said for that ;-))

By the way I imagine them also nice as pin.
Made e.g. with some stash yarn matching your purse.

Corrugated Leaf Tutorial

Here at unikatissima:
Entries with the tag ‘purse’

French Flower Beading

craftster French Beaded Flower Jewelry

Recently I’ve seen these fantastic beaded flowers at craftster.
Usually I’m not one for beaded flowers but I find these so beautiful.
The thread is no tutorial and it seems that she hasn’t written one yet (I’d say that she don’t want to) but somewhere in the comments they mention a basic tutorial for French flower beading that I found great at first sight.

Perhaps soon;-)

At craftster:
French Flower Beading
Other threads of the same author, some of them show French flower beading, too

French Flower Beading – Basic Technique

Polymer Clay Flower Canes

Polymer Clay Flower Canes

This Thursday started its first challenge which theme is ‘fresh’.
When I heard about I thought immediately about the little polymer clay box I made long ago but am still fond of (not least because of its freshness ;-))
It is a little cardboard box that I covered with polymer clay and embellished with self-made flower and leaf canes (for links to tutorials see links below).


Polymer Clay Flower Canes On this picture you see one side of the box. The finger isn’t there by accident, but to show how small the box is ;-))


Polymer Clay Flower Canes This is a close-up from the lid. You can see the purple Hydrangea-like flowers with the Jellyroll center and the leaves.
I made the transparent cane with the white dots to simulate those white flower tufts often used by florists.


Polymer Clay Flower Canes Just a last close-up.


Hydrangea-like flowers