Geometric Candles

HomeMade Modern Geometric Candles

Aren’t the geo­metric candles beauti­ful? They are ‘simply’ casted in self-made card­board moulds that you can down­load here for free.
Great, isn’t it? :)
Of course you can use the moulds also for vases instead of candles :)


Geometric Candles (EP11 Bloktagons)
via: True Blue Me & You: DIYs for Creatives
via: DIY Geometric Candles or Concrete Vases Tutorial and Templates from HomeMade Modern here. Eight templates to choose from and excellent instructions. First seen on inspiration realisations FB page.

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Crayon Votives

The Swell Designer Crayon Votives

What a great idea: crayon votives, simply marble glasses with crayons!
In the tutorial it says that the wax will get a little tacky but doesn’t melt away.
I will have to try this one day :)


Crayon Votives (DIY Stained Glass Crayon Candles)
via: Who knew you could get such a cool stained glass look from this simple kid’s craft staple? Mind BLOWN.

Pysanky Escher Easter Eggs

instructables yorisimo Pysanky Escher Easter Eggs

I have presented the faux pysanky Easter eggs before and I find the pysanky Escher Easter eggs even more fascinating!
They are really made in pysanky technique, a kind of wax batik.


Pysanky Escher Easter Eggs (Escher Easter Egg)

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Mason Jar-Shaped Candle

Mason Jar-Shaped Candle

What an interesting idea: simply cast a candle in a (cut in half) mason jar and voilà! – a mason jar-shaped candle :)


Mason Jar-Shaped Candle (Craft Of The Day: A Gorgeous Mason Jar Candle)
=> there they link to the original instruction which was during my attempts only readable with a registration at Google
via: 40+ Awesome and Cheap DIY Ways To Recycle Mason Jars – 11. Mason Candle Jars