Stuffed Animal Film Remake

youtube sammyboey Stuffed Animal Film Remake

In this making of mother and daughter described how they made their stuffed animal film remake of a really great video.
In case you’re planning something similar ;-))


Fuzzy Knuckles – the making of
Fuzzy Knuckles – OK Go White Knuckles Tribute
OK Go White Knuckles – Official Video
youtube sometimes blocks videos, if it doesn’t work, try this one:
OK Go White Knuckles – Official Video


The Sect of Homokaasu Rasterbator

Huuh, That’s fun: you take any picture, send it through the Rasterbator and get a PDF file with single pictures that you can join to form a big grid pattern picture of the original picture.

The grid pattern picture here was made from the picture of a sunflower on a single A4 page, but it could have been much bigger ;-)

I heard several times that the Rasterbator doesn’t work.
I don’t know what the problems were, but it works for me (perhaps they only made corrections ;-)):
I’m going to the Rasterbator, click on Rasterbate online and then on ‘If you are sure you have Flash Player 7, click here.’.
Then: off we go! :)
I don’t have Flash Player 7, but I’m much further, but it works anyhow ;-)

Another note: a live test showed: if it still doesn’t work, read/observe the error messages thoroughly, that’s helps sometimes ;-)

Online Rasterbator

Picture of sunflower

Faux Quilt Votives

Just Something I Made Faux Quilt Votives

I find this idea really great, too: simply scan old quilts, print, sew a little and wrap around a votive ;-)
It’s a little bit as with the Fabric/Paper Place Mat.
And I think that it would look wonderful, too, with a paper Crazy Quilt!

By the way: the paper gets more transparent when you paint it slightly with oil.
It will smell a while, but then the smell disappears ;-)

On the page she also shows how to print the quilt picture onto inkjet T-shirt transfer and embellish leather with it – great!

Faux Quilt Votives (Faux Vintage Quilt Fun)

Here at unikatissima:
Fabric/Paper Place Mat
Papier Crazy Quilt