French Flower Beading

craftster French Beaded Flower Jewelry

Recently I’ve seen these fantastic beaded flowers at craftster.
Usually I’m not one for beaded flowers but I find these so beautiful.
The thread is no tutorial and it seems that she hasn’t written one yet (I’d say that she don’t want to) but somewhere in the comments they mention a basic tutorial for French flower beading that I found great at first sight.

Perhaps soon;-)

At craftster:
French Flower Beading
Other threads of the same author, some of them show French flower beading, too

French Flower Beading – Basic Technique

Fringed Buttons

unikatissima Fringed Button

I found the fringed buttons very nice. But they are done with ready-made fringes which I don’t have at home.


unikatissima Fringed Button Therefore I made a kind of pom-pom from wool rests and put my button inside there and although I find the button awful kitschy I quite like the combination ;-))


unikatissima Crazy Daisy Buttons Of course you can as well tuck a Crazy Daisy under the button ;-))


Fringe-y Goodness

Here at unikatissima:
Crazy Daisy Ring
Crazy Daisies
Crazy Daisies II

Beaded Brooch

unikatissima Beaded Brooch

Are you still looking for a quick but personal gift for a friend?
How about a beaded brooch?
She describes with good pictures how to create a brooch from wire and beads and a lucky charm.
It should be possibl to create pendants or earrings in the same way.
I already have the materials … ;-)

Get hooked: make your own beaded brooch

Here at unikatissima:
Instructions on how to make brooches:
Necktie Flower Brooch
Needle Felting Brooch
YoYo Pin
Freeform Bead Embroidery Brooch (the tutorial on how to freeform embroider here)

Paper Flowers

instructables Simple Paper Flowers

I found at instructables a tutorial on how to make paper flowers.
It seems to be quite easy and they are looking amazingly beautiful!

When the gift wrapping begins soon this can be a wonderful decoration.
But it could be also a beautiful pin for a beautiful woman ;-))

At instructables: Simple Paper Flowers

Needle felting with cookie cutters

unikatissima Cookie Cutter Needle Felting

Via craftzine I found a tutorial on how to felt a needle brooch using a cookie cutter.
She used flower cookie cutters, but now, where Christmas isn’t really far away any more, we can dig out the Christmas cookie cutters: stars, moons, Christmas trees, but also hearts etc.

I couldn’t try it yet, but I intend to. And if it works (what I’m assuming ;-)), I want to try to make my own ‘moulds’ from cardboard stripes.
I’m agog ;-)

How To Needle Felt a Flower Brooch
via craftzine – How to make a felted flower:

YoYo Pin

YoYo Pin

I like yoyo’s, but only recently I tried to make one. And I find it cute.
It is made from shiny polyester fabric and embellished with a little crocheted flower and some embroidered beads (I hate to have polyester on my skin, but I like it for pins and the like, because it is so shiny).

Yoyo Projects (with explaining pictures)
How to make a Yoyo (with explaining pictures)

The links don’t work anymore, you can find the information here now:
Yoyo Projects (with explaining pictures)
How to make a Yoyo (with explaining pictures)