Spirograph Brooch

Miauski Spirograph Brooch

How do you like the Spirograph pin?
It makes me think of ‘Zwirnsterne’ (I don’t know the English term for these) and I find that it would also make a beautiful Christmas tree ornament :)


Spirograph Brooch (Spriograph brooches / wood and thread)
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via: Miauski a new website by Anne ten Donkelaar
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English Wikipedia entry for ‘Spirograph’
German Wikipedia entry for ‘Spirograph’

Google image search result for ‘Zwirnstern’

Heaps of Christmas Trees

This year I looked just for fun for Christmas trees in the broader sense and found so many that it feels as if I’d have had to start already in August presenting them ;-)
That’s why I present here several instructions and inspirations in the three categories Christmas trees, Christmas tree table decorations and Christmas tree shaped ornaments:


Christmas Trees

OhGizmo Bookshelf Christmas Tree
Great idea: simply fill a book shelve in the right way and get your bookshelf Christmas tree immediately ;-)

Bookshelf Christmas Tree (OGCC Day 15 – DIY Bookshelf Christmas Tree)


Better Homes and Gardens Quick and Easy Christmas Wall Decor
Also a beautiful idea: simply fill a large beautiful picture frame with globe ornaments to get a picture frame Christmas tree.
Most suitable for people with too little room ;-)

Picture Frame Christmas Tree (Quick & Easy Christmas Wall Decor)
via: Wire Tree Display
via: 24 christmas tree projects


not martha Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile
I found this idea also extraordinary beautiful: a hanging Christmas globe ornament Christmas tree.

Christmas Globe Ornament Christmas Tree (Christmas tree ornament mobile, how-to)
via: DIY FYI: Hanging Christmas Tree Mobile.


DIY Christmas ideas: String Art Christmas Tree
It doesn’t stop there: you can also do something with a white board and a lot of thread, viz. a string art Christmas tree.

String Art Christmas Tree (DIY Christmas ideas: String Art Christmas Tree)


apartment therapy Wall Collection Christmas Tree
I really like the wall collection Christmas tree, too, it should suit people with little room and an enthusiasm for collecting ;-)

Jane’s Wall Collection Christmas Tree
via: Best of DIY Holiday Gifts & Decor (Liste unter ‘show more’)


Christmas Tree Table Decorations

Spoon and Tamago Miniature Pinecone
Also cute, aren’t they? Little pinecone Christmas trees for the table ;-)

Pinecone Christmas Trees (DIY: Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree)


Half Baked - The Cake Blog Sparkling Christmas Trees
Or what about sparkly white ice cone Christmas trees for once?

Ice Cone Christmas Trees (DIY: Sparkling Christmas Trees)


sei lifestyle Spool Christmas Tree
Very easy: wrap yarn spools in beautiful gift paper and you get a yarn spool Christmas tree ;-)

Yarn Spool Christmas Tree (On the 7th & 8th Days…)
via: Spool Tree
via: 24 christmas tree projects


Cup Of Delight Button Christmas Tree
Some people have lots of green buttons, you can easily make a button Christmas Tree then ;-)

Button Christmas Tree
via: Button Christmas Tree


Wonder Forest Printed Paper Pine Tree
I really like this idea, too: simply stack lots of paper and make a paper Christmas tree ;-)

Paper Christmas Tree (DIY Printed Paper Pine Tree – Anthropologie Inspired)
via: Anthro Inspired Sheet Music or Book Page Christmas Tree {Wonder Forest}


Christmas Tree Shaped Ornaments

Modern Minerals Button Tree Ornament
Should you still have a couple of green buttons then you also can make this – as I find really cute – Christmas tree shaped ornament ;-)

Christmas Tree Shaped Ornament (Button Tree Ornament)
via: Button Christmas tree.


Here at unikatissima:
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Crazy Daisies

Crazy Daisies - Wickelblumen

While searching for something else I found a lot of instructions and tips about Crazy Daisies and had to try them immediately ;-)

As you can see on the photo, my attempt on winding daisies on my own daisy loom worked out very well.
I cut the loom (the purple item on the photo) from thick cardboard. I think that the ice cream lid loom is better, because plastic won’t loose its shape so easily, but for just a couple flowers cardboard is fine.
At my first flowers I just made a very simple backstich center, but even so I find those little flowers stunning ;-)
The dark red flower is a daisy with an open center, but I made it in a different way: I didn’t wind the thread to the other side of my selfmade cardboard loom but to another notch (always the fourth notch in place of the sixth, I think. I didn’t write it down, because I don’t like it so much).
I’m planning to make something like the shrug with a lot of flowers and a simple crochet edging.
Eventually. ;-)

(all in English, but with explaining pictures and photos)
Instructions and tips about Crazy Daisies

For example:
Round ice cream lid daisy loom
Instructions on how to wind daisies
How to make a backstich center daisy
How to make a open center daisy
Simple crochet edging

Stole, Shrug, Handbag and Three Different Shapes on the Crazy Daisy Winder (from 1945)