Easter Straw Frame

To Make Crafts Easter Straw Frame

I find the construction of this easter straw frame interesting, not only on Easter, and I think it would look beautiful to present a collage in there.
There’s something you can do with the Easter straw after Easter ;-)


Easter straw flower frame

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Crocheted Easter Egg

craftster Crocheted Easter Egg

Ok, the title only tells half of it: it’s not only about simple crocheted Easter eggs, it’s about crocheted Wedgwood- and Fabergé Easter eggs!
(She added a tutorial on how to crochet the eggs to the Wedgwood Easter eggs).
Compare them to ‘real’ Wedgwood and the ‘real’ Fabergé Easter eggs: it’s special, isn’t it?

Happy Easter crochet ;-)

Crocheted Wedgwood Easter Egg (Wedgewood style egg, *with a pattern for the egg shape*)
Crocheted Fabergé Easter Egg (I’ve been working on these faberge style eggs, I think they are neat!)

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Google image search result for ‘Fabergé’

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