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Friendship bracelet pattern design is a pattern planner like the Kumihimo pattern planner and the mosaic knitting pattern generator, but works on paper like the Celtic knot planner.
Take also a look again at the other generators, especially my generators ;-)


Friendship Bracelet Pattern Design ((( How to… )) Design Bracelet Patterns)

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Coiled Friendship Bracelet

unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet
Ages ago I found a tutorial on how to coil friendship bracelets and found it stunning.
Unfortenately this tutorial doesn’t exist any more and I haven’t found no similar, therefore I’m writing it myself.


That’s what to do:
unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet Cut three threads à 180 cm (ca. 2 yards).


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet Braid a piece of appr. 3 cm (ca. 1,2 inches) on the half of the threads and lay as loop.
You have now six working threads hanging from the loop.


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet Select a thread and coil around the other five.
Pay attention to lay the coils near each other to hide the underlying threads.
Select afterwards a thread of another colour and coil again.


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet This is how the coil could look like after having finished it.


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet You can create another beautiful pattern by coiling two different coloured threads around the remaining threads.


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet Additionally you can lay two more threads of the same colour apart and after coiling you can lay them crosswise around the coil.


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet This is how the double coil and the cross pattern could look like.


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet Once I made a simple braid (at the end).


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet At another part I didn’t do anything at all but simply let lie the six threads near each other.


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet Furthermore you can divide the threads and make two coils side by side in place of one coil (here in red and grey).


unikatissima Coiled Friendship Bracelet This is the friendship bracelet I coiled for the tutorial
I even put a bead on the friendship bracelet on the first photo .


Needless to say that you can make other items in place of friendship bracelets, like necklaces, key chains and key rings and much more.

Have fun!

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

I once braid a Friendship Bracelet, but in just one colour. The ones at Heather’s Friendship Bracelets are so beautiful because of the different colour patterns she presents.

I haven’t done them yet, but they are on my to-do list (together with a gazillion of other things to try ;-))

Heather’s Friendship Bracelets
Note: even though there’s written something about a move I could stilll reach the links
Friendship Bracelet – first pattern of first set

Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

HelloNatural Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

I find the braided t-shirt bracelets cute, they match the finger knitted bracelets well which I presented before :)


Braided T-Shirt Bracelets (DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets)
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