Beaded Art Dolls

craftster Coral Beaded Art Doll

On the photo is one of the first Beaded Art Dolls I’ve ever seen and it impressed me deeply.
I always wanted to make one but haven’t had the time yet.
Up until now I only made my freeform bead embroidery ;-)

But I looked for ‘Bead Art Doll’ already ;-)
In doing so I found a mermaid and a butterfly craftalong (in a craftalong several people work on the same project and compare notes). Furthermore I found a most beautiful bird, a blog entry on the subject of ‘Beaded Art Dolls’ and several wonderful finished Beaded Art Dolls, where I like most the Wise One and the little Alien Doll.

If you want to make one, too, you can get patterns for the dolls here.

Beaded Art Doll on the photo (Coral beaded art doll (first ever!))

Mermaid beaded art doll craftalong with descriptions
Butterfly beaded art doll craftalong with descriptions

Bird (beaded bird art doll)

As inspiration:
Blog entry (Use Beads as Art:Beaded Art Dolls)
Photos of Beaded Art Dolls
Wise One
Alien Doll

Google image search result for ‘bead art doll’

Free patterns: Doll Forms & Figures – you find the links on the top left: FREE PATTERNS! Bird Goddess, Tiny Goddess, Butterfly Goddess

Here at unikatissima:
Freeform Bead Embroidery

Plaster and Doll Arms Jewelry Holder

tinylittlelife Jewelry Holder

I presented already the necklace bust and the mini dress-form jewelry stand, now here another just as well idea: a plaster board with cast in doll arms.

It get’s more and more difficult to decide where to put your jewelry, doesn’t it? ;-))


Plaster and Doll Arms Jewelry Holder (Jewelry Holder)

Here at unikatissima:
Necklace Bust
Mini Dress-Form Jewelry Stand

Inner Child Dolls

art-e-zine Pat Winter Inner Child Dolls

I found some ‘dolls’ that I find really beautiful: it must be great fun to make them: Crazy Quilt, embroidery, sewing, Shisha stitches, all included.
And looots of fantasie ;-)


Inner Child Dolls

Here at unikatissima:
Paper Crazy Quilt
Crazy Quilt Photo Frame
Shisha Stitch

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