Yarn Scraps Bowl

maRRose Yarn Scraps Bowl

Do you remember the previously presented yarn bowls: the Christmas-y yarn bowl, the string bowl and the yarn bowl?
They are all made in a similar way as the yarn scraps bowl – but they are not as colourful ;-)

And here are some things you can make with your yarn scraps if you prefer the unicoloured bowls: the colourful scrap yarn serving tray, the yarn scrap heart and the wineglass tea light holder :)


Yarn Scraps Bowl (Yarn ends bowl)

Here at unikatissima:
Christmas-y Yarn Bowl
String Bowl
Yarn Bowl
Colourful Scrap Yarn Serving Tray
Yarn Scrap Heart
Wineglass Tea Light Holder

Recycled Wall Organizer

Homey Oh My Recycled Wall Organizer

I find this recycled wall organizer great: simple yet beautiful! :)

And writing this entry I found out that I have already presented more of this kind: the plastic bottle sponge holder, the monster pencil holder, the shampoo case, the recycled holder for charging cell phones and the diy charge station.
All are similar – and still they are all different.
I find them great :)


Recycled Wall Organizer (DIY Wall Pocket Organizers)
via: Wall Pocket Organizers

Here at unikatissima:
Plastic Bottle Sponge Holder
Monster Pencil Holder
Shampoo Case
Recycled Holder for Charging Cell Phones
DIY Charge Station

Thread Lampshade

etsy Erica Chan Coffman Thread Lampshade

Although the Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2017 ends today you can download the files also in the future and therefore take your time :)
I wish you a Merry Christmas!

And then I have this thread lampshade, what do you think about it?


Thread Lampshade (Make a Color-Blocked Pendant Lamp)

Here at unikatissima:
Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2017

Paper Cabochon

youtube ThePaperPassion Paper Cabochon

For some reason I am fascinated by these paper cabochons :)


Paper Cabochon (How To Make Paper Bead Pendants By Passion For Paper Beads) (video)
via: How To Make Paper Bead Pendants By Passion For Paper Beads – video
via: Paper Bead Pendant Tutorial Instant by PassionForPaperBeads.