Clay Garland

On Sutton Place Clay Garland

Ok, this clay garland is made for Advent and not a tutorial.
I would also find it cute as garland at Easter made with little flowers from play dough :)


Ton-Girlande (Christmas Clay Tags 2015)
=> not a tutorial

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Plastic Spoon Vase

Craftberry Bush Plastic Spoon Vase

Do you remember the plastic spoon lamp?
The plastic spoon vase is similar :)
And if you still have plastic spoons over, there’s more you can make with them :)


Plastic Spoon Vase (Okey dokey artichokey….a spoon sculpture)

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Paper Necklace Pendant

Interweave Ann Martin Paper Necklace Pendant

I find quilled stuff beautiful in any case, but I find the paper necklace pendant most beautiful! :)


Paper Necklace Pendant (On a Roll: Learn the Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry with Author Ann Martin plus a FREE Project)
via: Paper Flower Pendant

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Blue Jeans Planter

Birdz of a Feather Blue Jeans Planter

Do you need a planter? Do you still have old jeans?
Then you can make your own blue jeans planter :)


Blue Jeans Planter (Blue Jean Planter)
via: Blue Jean Planter

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