Round Hanging Shelf

A Pair and A Spare Round Hanging Shelf

Isn’t the round hanging shelf nice?! :)

While writing I have seen the other shelves here again – and I like them all, too :)


Round Hanging Shelf (DIY Round Hanging Shelf)
via: 16 Beautiful DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You – Flower Monogram

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Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs

Modern Masters Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs

Do you remember the gold decorated eggs?
They’ve been embellished with white glue, but apparently you can make the same thing with plaster: plaster decorated Easter eggs.


Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs (Holiday DIY: Embossed Easter Egg)

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Succulent Wreath

etsy DoGoodDecor Succulent Wreath

Again something with succulents and again a wreath: the succulent wreath ;-)
Ich finde ihn hübsch :)


Succulent Wreath (Succulent Wreath, Artificial Succulent Wreath, Spring Wreath, Faux Succulents, Wedding Decor, Front Door Wreath, Year Round Wreath, Rustic)
=> not an instruction, but an inspiration :)

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Toilet Paper Roll Lampshade

Revolutionaries Market Toilet Paper Roll Lampshade

Toilet paper roll lampshade is a long name for a (as I find) really nice ‘thingy’ made from toilet paper tubes :)
However I wouldn’t make it with a candle but with a glass lampshade.

Actually you should also be able to make it as votive, don’t you?


Toilet Paper Roll Lampshade (Christmas Candle Redo)
via: Toilet Paper Roll Lamp

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