Paper Purse

craftster Paper Purse

I really like this little purse!

The content she put into the little purse isn’t meant for children but no one will press-gang you to pack the same things ;-)

You can find a scan of her template a little bit down the entry, with this you can make your own little paper purse – as gift wrap or for daily use is completely up to you ;-))

Little paper purse (be my naugthy valentine ;) … NOW WITH BOX TEMPLATE! (not for kids)) – scroll down for template scan

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Wallpaper Gift Wrap

BugsandFishes Wallpaper Gift Wrap

I mean to say that the photo convinced me that wallpaper as gift wrap is eminently suited!
And if you went in cardmaking a little bit, too, you surely still have same wallpaper rests laying around ;-)


Wallpaper Gift Wrap (bugs and fishes by lupin: Gift Wrap Ideas #7: Wallpaper)

Modular Rectangular Box

Rosemary Lyndall Wemm Modular Rectangular Box

I find those rectangular folded boxes absolutely great!

Unfortunately I discovered them too late, but if you haven’t begun yet (oops! ;-)), they are great for an Advent calendar, too ;-)
But take your time, I once made an Advent calendar from similar, but square boxes (instructions from a book) and it took foreeever to finish it.
I use it nearly every year though and it is still beautiful ;-)

And apart from that you can still use them for the Christmas gifts, I think that it would look wonderful, too :)

Modular Rectangular Box , Version A

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Rolling Pin Prints II

Louise Schiele Rolling Pin Prints

I wrote already an entry about rolling pin prints, even so I find this instruction interesting, too.
As she says: you can use it easily to design your own gift wrap and it won’t take long until you possibly need some gift wrap ;-))

Rolling Pin Prints (Fabric Background Rollers – More Play Time)
More Rolling Pin Prints (More Rollers, More New Prints)

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Little Boxes for Precious Presents

unikatissima Little Boxes for Precious Presents

I presented some boxes already, the one of today is folded from old greeting cards.
On the photo you can see it folded from a calendar or magazin sheet as a gift wrapping for my hyperbolic pin.
I find both (gift and box) still great! :)

Little Boxes for Precious Presents

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Necklace Bust

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips  Necklace Bust

If you have necklaces you can always do with something to hang them up, as e.g. the mini dress-form jewelry stand.
That’s something you can use the wonderful bust for.
But it is also something very special if you want to sell jewelry.

Incidentally I think that you can craft it a little smaller if you need a gift wrap or sales wrapping for your necklace.
If the bust is made as greeting card the necklace can directly be send with it!?

If you make such a bust I’d really appreciate a comment with a link (as I’m glad about every comment ;-))

How to Make a Necklace Bust

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Recycled Gift Tags

unikatissima Recycled Gift Tags

The gift tags on the photo aren’t ready yet: I simply can’t decide with which yarn I should wrap them.

But I find the idea really great: flatten the cardboard tube, cut it in strips and wrap the pieces with yarn.
I think that it could look beautiful, too, when wrapped in a piece of beautiful polymer clay and worn as necklace, earring or pin.

When reading the instructions for the gift tags I had to think somehow at the surprise ball gifts ;-)

But she had other ideas, too, about what to make with these paper shapes, namely a cute tealight and an interesting lamp decoration.

I presented before entries about recycled cardboard tubes here in this blog, namely the beaded amulet bag, the plaster photo holder and the knitting loom from a plastic bottle.
But there the cardboard tube was ‘only’ a tool.

recycling project no. 19 – yarn gift tag

recycle project no. 12 – tealight decoration
recycle project no. 16 – hurricane cover

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Flower Flap Box

unikatissima Flower Flap Box

I saw somewhere (unfortunately I don’t remember where) such a box, but it was flat while I wanted the actual box (not the flaps) to be of about 2 cm height.
So I made me a template myself ;-))


And that’s what you do:
unikatissima Flower Flap Box Template (Click to enlarge)
That is the template.


Instruction for first box: Pasted paper


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
First print the template and cut it.


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
I wanted to have a Chinese box so I pasted the outside up with some Chinese newspapers that I stained with tea before (see links below).
Of course you can paste the paper up with gift wrapping, snippets from ads and so on, too.
I suggest to paste a second layer on the paper in any case to get it sturdier or to use thin cardboard.


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
When having pasted up all four flaps you can pre-fold the box. This way it will be easier to glue the tags.


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
Here is the glue setting.
You can see that I didn’t paste up the inside.


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
And that is the box in its full beauty ;-)
I suggest to let the glue set well because there will be some strain when you close the box and the tags can get unfixed.

Instruction for second box: Thin cardboard


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
After the first box I felt like making a box from thin cardboard.
The cardboard is from the wrapping of a pair of trousers I bought and I liked the colours of the printed picture.
So I put my printed and cut template on the cardboard, copied it and cut the cardboard along the lines.


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
I pre-folded the folding lines to get better folds.


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
Then I simply folded the box without glueing the tags.
The red arrow shows that there originates a gap.
Depending on what you want you can leave the box at that, the tags make sure that in spite of the gaps nothing will drop ;-)


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
Here I glue the tags to see what happens.
The box always got apart until I fastened it with an elastic.
The glue could set this way better.


unikatissima Flower Flap Box
And that is my second little box.
You can see at the edges that it is a properly closed box now ;-)


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Stain paper with tea
Tea Staining Your Art Journal Pages
Tea Stain Paper


unikatissima Furoshiki

Once when I took a look at instructables I found the instruction Paper, Plastic, or Furoshiki? which fascinated me: Japanese use since a long time a cloth to wrap all sorts of things, as well to transport as to decorate them. And the Japanese Minister for Environment created an initiative to reduce waste to propagate Furoshiki as an ecological wrapping.
When making a little research I found even more Furoshiki folding instructions.


unikatissima Furoshiki
On the photos I wrapped four apples in a dishcloth – I just didn’t have a bandana or an old pillow case ;-) at hand.
In principle the dish cloth can be used but the knots get too big and it’s simply not the real McCoy.
Wikipedia says that the ‘real’ Furoshiki cloth are from cottom, rayon, nylon, a fabric called ‘chirimen’ or silk, in either case they are thinner and thus better to be knotted.
Also the sizes seem to be of a great variety, sure, you’ve always something different to wrap ;-)

Anyhow, I will try this more often :)

When researching I found also a nice idea: to wrap a gift for someone into an interesting cloth and include a printout of the diagram of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.
I like this ;-)

At instructables: Paper, Plastic, or Furoshiki?

Furoshiki Techniques

Wikipedia entry for ‘Furoshiki’ (English) (I haven’t found a German entry)

Initiative for waste reduction (‘Mottainai Furoshiki’) of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment
Furoshiki folding diagram of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment

Blog entry with the nice idea about wrapping a gift

Google search result for ‘Furoshiki’
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