Simple Napkin Holders

Ordinary Miracles of Life Simple Napkin Holders

Do you still have some cardboard tubes?
What about some simple yet really beautiful napkin holders?

The flower that looks like a rose (Satin Flower) is made in the same technique than the textile roses here, by the way.

Apart from that you can of course use different yarns instead of cord, perhaps even funky yarns?!
Possibly it was fun to use coloured yarns and little plastic toys or Lego pieces as decoration.
And it would look beautiful to make the napkin holders more in the way of the string decorated ornaments, you need less cord then ;-)
But you must paint more ;-))

And then you can always come back to my knitted/crocheted napkin rings ;-), they can be made on a cardboard tube, too, of course.

Simple and Very cool Napkin Holders
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Tree Bark Bracelet

Die Raumfee Tree Bark Bracelet

I want to make me once such a tree bark bracelet!
It seems that you can use it also greatly as napkin ring and candle holder, two more reasons to look for pieces of fallen off tree bark ;-)


Tree Bark Bracelet (Riesenspielplatz und Rindenwahnsinn.) (German)
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