Yarn Ball Pumpkin

DIYShowOff Yarn Ball Pumpkin

I discovered that there are tons of instructions on the subject of pumpkin, in the next time I will present you some of them.
The found instructions work with paper, plastic, polymer clay, cord, food – and yarn balls ;-)


They are cute, the yarn ball pumpkins, aren’t they? :)


Yarn Ball Pumpkin (DIY Fall Festival and an Autumn craft so easy your cat can do it!)

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Dying Self-Striping Yarn

craftster Dying Self-Striping Yarn

I presented an entry about yarn dying before, but I’m a Lace knitter and love selfstriping yarn with looong colour gradients.
Now I can dye my own selfstriping yarn ;-)


Dying Self-Striping Yarn (Self-Striping Yarn (with a Warping Board) Tutorial)
via: Craftster Best of 2011 – FIBER ARTS – Dyeing: Completed Projects

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Braided Yarn Join

youtube lori1551 Braided Yarn Join

If you work with yarns you must sometimes join two ends, e.g. if the yarn broke, the ball is finished or the like.
With some (nature) yarns you can ‘cold felt’ them, with others it doesn’t work.
Recently I learned about the braided yarn join and it seems to work great, many think it’s the best for joining fine yarns.


Braided Yarn Join (Joining Yarn – The invisible Braided Join with 1 color yarn – Knitting and Crochet) (Video)
via: Joining Lace Weight Yarn – Specifically the slippery stuff!

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Self-made Ball Winder

Rigid Heddle Weaving Self-made Ball Winder

If you really dye your own yarn you have to wind your wool afterwards.
That can take quite some time (I speak from my own experience) and so a self-made ball winder would perhaps be of help ;-)


Home Made Ball Winder
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