Cassette Tape Coin Purse

craftster Cassette Tape Coin Purse

I stll have some old cassettes I don’t listen to anymore. But because I’m always reluctant to throw anything away I’m thinking of making some purses from the cassettes by following the tutorial at craftster ;-)

At craftster: Cassette Tape Coin Purse
The description how she made the purse is somewhere in the thread.

Necklace out of Laddered Stockings and Tights

Smaggle Stockings Necklace

If it’s cold outside I confess that I often wear tights and when they become eventually laddered I always find it a pity to throw them away.
And I won’t in the future because I found an instruction on how to make a necklace out of laddered stockings and tights ;-))
At the moment I’m still wearing them at my legs, but soon…

How to Make a Necklace out of Laddered Stockings and Tights.
(found via art for housewives)

Self Coloured Tissue Papers

unikatissima Self Coloured Tissue Papers

Accidentally I found a way of making beautiful coloured background papers from tissue paper or paper napkins and markers.


That’s what you have to do:
unikatissima Self Coloured Tissue Papers First I cut the tissue paper in pieces of about 6×6 cm (roughly 2,5×2,5 inches).
I painted them (through all layers) with colour matching markers.
It doesn’t matter if there are little white areas.


unikatissima Self Coloured Tissue Papers I layed the coloured pieces out on plastic foil (e.g. an unused garbage bag) and moisted them with water.
The water makes the colours bleed wonderfully.
It is best to add the water dropwise, this way you can determine best how much water you add (if it gets too wet, the colours bleeds too much and doesn’t stay on the tissue paper).


unikatissima Self Coloured Tissue Papers In the end I let dry the coloured squares.
When using them for cardmaking, I mostly only use two or three layers, not all of them.
But you have to try this by yourself.


Here I show two hand embroidered postcard sized wallhangings (just like the Paper Crazy Quilt) I worked with self coloured tissue papers. Both tissue papers are layers of the same paper (you can see that they have the same pattern), but the different coloured background papers make them glow differently.
unikatissima Card unikatissima Card


unikatissima Self Coloured Fabric Once I used the same technique on fabric (an old (clean! ;-)) bedsheet) and it worked.
The next time I added too much water and suddenly everything was of the same dull colour. ;-)
I think that this colour can be heat set just as the acryl coloured or the crayon tinted fabric, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Here at unikatissima:
Paper Crazy Quilt

Acryl Coloured Fabric
Crayon Tinted Fabric

Shibori Felt Scarf

bishugelabs flickr Shibori Felt

I found an interesting technique: tying scarves in Shibori technique and then felting them.
On the picture you see some photos you can get when searching flickr for the tags ‘shibori felt’.
Really great, aren’t they?

I found several instructions:
Shibori felt scarf

via the craftzine ‘shibori felting’ entry:
Entries with the tag ‘Shibori’ at
Shibori felting tutorial at whipup
More about Shibori felting at CraftyPeople

Google search result for ‘shibori felting’
Google image search result for ‘shibori felting’

Flickr search result for ‘shibori felt’

Wikipedia entry for ‘Shibori’

I made the mosaic with the Mosaic Maker of Big Huge Labs.
The images are:
First row:
shibori, dry and untied by monattka
Shibori Scarf by elanknits
Shibori – first attempt :) by raspberryfairy

Second row:
Shibori felt (stage 1) by Feltbug
shibori felt detail by Carole K
Felt Shibori by woolly fabulous

Magazine Embroidery Hoop

unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop

Once I’ve seen somewhere (but I don’t remember, where ;-() how somebody made an embroidery hoop from magazine paper.
On the photo you see how it looks. I used quite stiff advertising paper and the hoop became very robust.
This way I can make fast and cheap embroidery hoops in different sizes :)


  • Paper, e.g. advertising paper
    It should be strong and may not stain(!) the fabric.
  • Log or dowel
    I used a 8mm knitting needle
  • Tape
  • Drinking glass or the like with the required diameter

That’s what you do:
unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Select appropriate paper sheets.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Roll and fold the paper sheets to paper strips of equal width (see tutorial here).


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Coil one paper strip firm around the glass and fix with tape.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Tape the hoop very well.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Slip the hoop over the glass again and coil the second strip of paper very firmly around the first hoop, tape very well, too.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop These are both hoops, one can be slipped exactly over the other.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Put the fabric into the embroidery hoop and embroider.
I didn’t iron the fabric, but it’s firmly tightened into the hoop.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop That’s the way everything looks from the backside.


Have fun with your embroidery :)

Here at unikatissima: Folded Paper Strips of Equal Width

Rolling Pin Prints

unikatissima Rolling Pin Prints

I found a tutorial on how to print with a rolling pin.
The idea is really great.

I couldn’t try it yet, but when I will, I want to try it with those ready-bought fun foam shapes.

The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Rolling Pin Prints
Rolling Pin Prints

Colorful Raggedy Scrap Scarf

craftster Raggedy Scarf

I found at craftster (again! ;-)) something beautiful: the colorful raggedy scrap scarf.

I imagine that some big self-made knitting needles could be used?!

I guess that I’ll have to purchase a lot of jumble sale fabric and old t-shirts, because I don’t have much fabric scraps ;-)
To-do-list again ;-))

At craftster:
Colorful Raggedy Scrap Scarf
Chopstick/dowel knitting needle tutorial

How to cut down a t-shirt
How to cut fabric strips from old t-shirts

Here at unikatissima:
Self-made Crochet Hooks And Knitting Needles