Plastic Bottle Beads

unikatissima Plastic Bottle Beads

There remained some leftovers from our cut plastic bottle, from which we already made a knitting loom and a plastic box and we can use them to make some beads.
In the instruction on how to make plastic bottle beads they roll up the plastic strip and melt it together with a heat gun.
I don’t have no heat gun and I’m a little afraid of possibly developing fumes, therefore I did it in a different way:


unikatissima Plastic Bottle Beads Material I brought water to the boil in my craft pan (which I don’t use for food preparation anymore!).
Then I cut a stripe from the plastic bottle and rolled tightly using some tweezers.
Look out, it always try to uncoil!


unikatissima Plastic Bottle Beads I hold the rolled ‘bead’ with my craft wooden pliers (also not used for food preparation anymore) into the simmering water and in seconds the bead was finished.
I don’t know if I could have coloured the bead with permanent markers, I’ve forgotten to test this.
Besides the end doesn’t fuse with the bead, but it doesn’t open neither.


unikatissima Plastic Bottle Beads Because it always wanted to uncoil I hold it quite firm with my wooden pliers and the bead became a little flat.
Pressing it in the other direction and dipping into the simmering water again didn’t make the bead round.
But 1. I like the shape and 2. I think it’s only a matter of practice.

Plastic Bottle Beads

Making Hollow Tube Beads from Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Central Hollow Bead

Ok, the title isn’t the best ever made, but the bead does look beautiful, doesn’t it? ;-)
I have it on my have-a-go-at-it-list for a long time already but it keeps being pushed down by other projects.
Now I place it back to the top ;-)

At Polymer Clay Central: Making Hollow Tube Beads


Embellished Oranges

unikatissima Embellished Orange

This time it’s no ‘real’ instruction but an inspiration: Embellished Grapefruits Embellished Grapefruits. (Click there for the actual pieces on the thumbnails and see e.g. Two Pods Two Pods.)
Because I’m always impatient I preferred to use a piece from an orange – grapefruits are so big ;-)

While working I had a lot of fun.
I like the embroidery of orange peels nearly as much as embroidery on paper. The most uncommon thing I had to do was to give my needle a wash ;-))


unikatissima Embellished Orange After the embroidery I put the orange peel between several layers of tissue paper in an old telephon book and let it dry ‘flat’.
Actually I had hoped that I can coat it with medium gel afterwards and wear as a pendant, but I don’t really like the ‘flat version’ of my orange peel.


unikatissima Embellished Orange I find worst that the threads now stand up now like croquet wickets, I really don’t like this.


At the next opportunity I will see if I can make it better.
If it works I will perhaps embroider beads on, that should be interesting, perhaps Paisleys or simply Freeform.

Grapefruit – click there for the actual pieces on the thumbnails and see e.g. Two Pods
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive:
Grapefruit – click there for the actual pieces on the thumbnails and see e.g. Two Pods

Embroidery stitch descriptions (English)
Embroidery stitch descriptions (German)

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Paper Crazy Quilt
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Bead embroidered Paisleys

Polymer Clay Letter Cane

unikatissima Polymer Clay Letter Cane

I found a very cute idea at glassattic: letter canes from polymer clay.
Somebody writes there: ‘I made a nice letter cane using the mosaic “pixels” method taught by CityZen Cane…turned out nice!
….tip: wrap the letter itself with a sheet of background color before adding mthe rest of the background color, to avoid “chinks” in letter’s edge’

In other words they worked in a similar way than for the Checkerboard Cane: they rolled out two different coloured sheets from polymer clay, cut them into stripes and put those stripes together to a ‘pixelated’ letter cane.
The letters from the Celtic Cross Stitch Generator could be used as templates.
Or, if you don’t want to make a letter, perhaps my Cross Stitch Heart!? ;-)
I already prepared the first letter of my name, but I won’t have the time to make such a letter cane very soon.

Note about letter cane (check at ‘WRAPPED:’ => ‘……Mosaic’)

In the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia: Checkerboard Cane

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Celtic Cross Stitch Generator
Cross Stitch Heart

Jewelry from Wire and Polymer Clay

flickr alkhymeia Wire Work and Polymer Clay

I found a short but good tutorial on how to make beautiful jewelry from wire and polymer clay.
At the moment I don’t have any jewelry wire at home and I’m not working with polymer clay anymore, but this tutorial made me feel like beginning once more!

At flickr: Tutorial Wire Work and Polymer Clay (photos only)

Needle Felted Bracelet

theartofmegan Needle Felted Loop Bracelet

I found a good tutorial again, this time about how to make a needle felted bracelet.

I put it directly on my list, because I think it is great as a base that can be embellished e.g. with bead embroidered Paisleys or bead picots but also with ‘just-embroidery’ like the cross stitch heart, the freeform embroidery or the Embroidery Crust.
Additionally you can make matching earrings and a pendant for a necklace.

Needle Felted Loop Bracelet

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Beaded Square Stitch Heart

unikatissima Bead Square Stitch Heart

Because it’s not long to Valentine’s Day any more I’d like to offer a template for you to bead a heart with square stitch (for instructions on how to do the square stitch see links below).
It’s great to make a card but can be made into a piece of jewelry as well.


unikatissima Heart Chart Click picture to enlarge and then simply print.


unikatissima Bead Square Stitch And here you can see easily where the name ‘square stitch’ comes from ;-))


Standard Square Stitch Beading Tutorial
Making Square Stitch Samples Part I – shows also the ‘Circular Flat Square Stitch’

Perlenhobby Anleitungen (German) => click ‘Anleitungen’ in the left navigational bar => click ‘Quadratstich’