Crochet Heart Decoration

Tutti guardano le nuvole Crochet Heart Decoration

I have actually already presented two crocheted hearts (crocheted heart 1 and crocheted heart 2) although this usually is not really my cup of tea.
And now a crochet heart decoration ;-)
I find it cute, though.
If you, too, are not exactly a crochet heart person, but like this kind of decoration, you may want to look again at the tomato tube leaves :)


Crochet Heart Decoration (Valentine’s Day) (Italian)

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Crocheted Heart
Crocheted Heart II
Tomato Tube Leaves

Crocheted Bookmarks

Crocheted Bookmarks - Gehäkelte Lesezeichen

I love to crochet but I prefer the item to be crocheted not too big (it’s all a question of patience).
Therefore I like to crochet bookmarks ;-)
On the photo you see the Quickie Bookmark from Priscilla Hewitt. She designed soo beautiful delicate bookmarks! (for more links to instructions for Priscilla Hewitt bookmarks see below)
Some of them can be used to make lacy scarves ;-)
But I think they could be beautiful bracelets, too.

Priscilla Hewitt bookmarks (all English):
Quickie Bookmark
Christmas Wreath Bookmark
Pineapple Bookmark
Heart Corner Bookmark
Icicle Bookmark
Scalloped Bookmark
Jacob’s Ladder Bookmark

Addendum of February 2009: The links above don’t work anymore, you can find the instructions for the bookmarks now as PDF (about 465 KB) at Priscilla’s Crochet – Free Pattern Index, check there for ‘Bookmarks’.

And please read her Terms of Use Terms of Use, that she published at the beginning of the PDF file.

unikatissima’s entry:
Lacy Crochet Scarves From Edgings

Maze Pattern Generator

unikatissima Maze Generator

Yesterday I showed what can be done with filet crochet/cross stitch embroidery charts.
Today I want to present my maze pattern generator.

Some time ago I played a little around with mosaic (slip-stitch) knitting and found that mazes are as if made for that.
You can see this e.g. on the photo where I show a mosaic knitted wrist warmer.

Because I didn’t felt like always making the mazes myself, I looked in internet whether I can’t find anything and – ta-DAA! – I found the Maze Maker for which John Lauro kindly even published the algorithm (Thanks, John!).
There are more maze generators, but I found those of the Maze Maker most beautiful of all.


unikatissima Maze Generator unikatissima Maze Generator Therefore I sat down and wrote a program that generates mazes of a given size and where I can even specify the path lengths.
I let output an overview (little picture) and the pattern (template), because I find the overviews are easier to compare.


unikatissima Maze Generator Of course you can (as ‘mentioned’ yesterday ;-)) work filet crochet but also mosaic knitted wrist warmers like the one on the photo on top, …


unikatissima Maze Generator …embroidered cards (here I always pricked a little hole in the center of the little black squares which I embroidered with running stitches worked in both directions) …


unikatissima Maze Generator …and bead work (here beaded square stitch).
By the way this is a good example where the result looks different from the pattern: the beads are simply not square.


unikatissima’s Maze Pattern Generator

Maze Maker
Labyrinth Algorithmus

Instruction for running stitch

Google search result for ‘maze generator’

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What Can You Do With Filet Crochet/Cross Stitch Embroidery Charts?
Mosaic (Slip-stitch) Knitting
Beaded Square Stitch Heart
crochet medaillon

Coil a Basket

unikatissima Basket Coiling.jpg

I find another interesting technique basket coiling, where a long thread from (nearly ;-)) any material is to be wound around a curled up thread (also from nearly any material).
It is similar to the clothesline crochet that I presented before, but the thread is to be wound, not crocheted.
On the photo you see my first attempt: I wound plastic raffia around package string.
Actually it should have become a basket, but then I lost my patience ;-)

I followed two tutorials that I find very good, not least because they are heavily illustrated: Pine Needle Baskets (there is also a second part (for the new links see the links below) (and How to coil a basket. In a second entry: More coiling fun… she presents pendants made with the same technique – and which are muuuch more faster;-))

Pine Needle Baskets – part I
Pine Needle Baskets – part II
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive (I’m not sure whether some of the illustrations have disappeared?!):
Pine Needle Baskets – part I
Pine Needle Baskets – part II
or here:
Pine Needle Baskets – part I
Pine Needle Baskets – part II

How to coil a basket
More coiling fun…

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Clothesline crochet