Glue Gun Snowflakes

Muslin and Merlot Glue Gun Snowflakes

A nice idea: make with a glue gun snowflakes and colour them with nail polish :)

But you can make much more with a glue gun :)


Glue Gun Snowflakes (Glue Gun Snowflakes!)
via: Unbelievably Cool Things You Can Make With A Glue Gun – 1. DIY Glue Gun Snow Flakes
via: Artisanat amusant à faire avec un pistolet à colle chaude…

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Hot Glue Earrings

Four Front Doors Hot Glue Earrings

I have already presented several entries to the topics hot glue and glue and jewelry, the hot glue earrings match this greatly :)
And I find them also very nice!


Hot Glue Earrings (Glue Gun Glam!) (englisch)

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Silver Egg

Magia Mia Silver Egg

Most of us won’t probably hide Fabergé eggs at Easter this year, so why don’t you give away self-made silver eggs? ;-)


Silver Egg (Silver Leaf, a Glue Gun, and Plastic Eggs)

English Wikipedia entry for ‘Fabergé egg’
German Wikipedia entry for ‘Fabergé-Ei’

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Paper Shopping Bag

unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag


At craftster started the ‘Craft Challenge #47 – Reusable Shopping Bag Challenge 2’ and I had the idea of making a shopping bag from paper (see also the other entries).
In principle I really like it, but some things didn’t work the way I wanted them to (see also below) so that I didn’t finish the handle but only show how it can be made.


unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
That’s how my shopping bag looks from one side…


unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
… and so from the other.
I used clippings from a travel brochure, so my bag is not only multicoloured but gives me even wanderlust ;-)


That’s what you do:


unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
That’s what you need:

  • paper to strengthen (here an old TV guide)
  • paper for the outside (here clippings from a travel brochure)
  • plastic bag to strengthen the inside and make it possible to wipe it with a damp cloth (right top in picture)
  • some tape and a glue stick (which I forgot to take a photo from ;-))
  • scissors
  • sewing thread and best a sewing machine
  • possibly transparent plastic foil or plastic bag (non-adhesive or you can get bad problems with your sewing machine!)

unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
First I layered three layers of my TV guide pages.
I used them askew as shown in the graphic so that they don’t always touch in the same place (every large rectangle is a page from the TV guide, the smaller ones are pages cut into halves in one or the other direction).
I taped them rarely so that the whole doesn’t fall apart.

On the future outside I laid on the clippings from the travel brochure and glued them on rarely to fix them slightly.

Note: Don’t use too much tape or glue because you can get bad problems with your sewing machine.

I laid the cut white plastic bag on the backside of my large paper rectangle with meanwhile four layers and begun to sew.

Note: It pays to fix the plastic bag somehow, too ;-)


unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
Then I just started sewing (did I mention that I’m completely unexperienced in sewing? ;-))).

I wanted to sew (and have somehow sewn ;-)) lines but it was much more difficult than I thought.
Therefore I made a mental note of some points for the next bag:

  1. The paper for the outside should be better joined.
    I think it even best to lay and sew on a layer of transparent (non-adhesive!) foil or plastic bag, then it is also possible to wipe it on the outside with a damp cloth.
  2. Practise sewing before, so that 1st my thread doesn’t tear and I’ll be 2nd hopefully able to sew straight lines ;-)
  3. The crinkling happened when I rolled up my large paper rectangle several times this way and the other to be able to sew it.
    Paper that is crinkled often get fabric-liker, so I didn’t find it bad.
  4. I laid the clippings from the travel brochure so that they all meet on the underside of the bag – with the effect that it looks scruffy.
    Next time I’d put a broad stripe of coloured paper over the folding line of the bag.
  • I’ve sewn the side seams on the wrong side because I wanted to turn it after just like a fabric bag.
    Next time I will sew them from the right side because the turning was incredibly difficult and I simply couldn’t turn the corners completely.
    That’s why it has these chic rounded corners ;-))

unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
That’s how my bag looks at the inside.


unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
Actually I wanted to make a shoulder-long black with plastic bags filled I-cord as handle (I post-worked the photo to show you the knitting, originally it’s been completely black just as in the next photo ;-)) …


unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
…but I don’t want to make it for a bag with lots of defects.
You can see here anyhow how I knotted the plastic bags together and knitted a little bit already.


unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
The bag seems to be quite robust and I wanted to try out what it can carry.
Therefore I stuffed 1 l juice, half a kilo of bread, 2 appels, an orange and 5 tangerines in – in short a little shopping ;-)


unikatissima Paper Shopping Bag
Here I’m holding the bag with the content of the previous picture – no problems at all ;-)

Craft Challenge #47 – Reusable Shopping Bag Challenge 2
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