Box from woven PET stripes

Square Box from PET

On a brasilian recycling website I found a good tutorial on how to make a box from PET bottles (click there on ‘Tutorial – How to make a square box’).

I won’t do this because we don’t buy so many PET bottles and if we do we can give them back.
But I think that the tutorial can be used with other materials, too, I will once take a look.


Utsumi – Crafts with PET plastic, click there on ‘Tutorial – How to make a square box’

Homemade Paint Recipes

unikatissima Homemade Paint Recipes

Via one of my most preferred check-this-out blogs art for housewives I found a website with homemade paint recipes.
I liked best that they are made with stuff from household and tempera paint or food colouring.

On the photo you see some of the ingredients I already gathered, but unfortunately I don’t have no tempera paint nor food colouring at home.
Still to purchase :)

Homemade Paint Recipes
via art for housewives

Collograph Printing

unikatissima Collograph Printing

Once again I found a tutorial about something I really want to try once: Collograph Printing.

I think it could be fun: to glue stuff onto cardboard, to ink it and to press a sheet of paper onto.
The paragraph where they wrote, that you can use moistened watercolour paper and get some embossed paper was most interesting to me.

I will ;-))

Collograph Printing

Stash scarf

unikatissima Stash Scarf
Once I found a great blog entry where somebody showed how she’s working her stash and scrap yarns into a scarf. Unfortunately I don’t find the entry back ;-(

In principle she sorted her stash according to colours (her example was made in blues) and from each yarn she crocheted a long row, every row even in another crochet stitch.
I hope that the photos are a help.


unikatissima Stash Scarf I found the result so stunning that I made a birthday gift for a good friend from it ;-)

By the way, this can surely be done in knitting, too!?


Pattern Paper

unikatissima Pattern Paper

I found a tutorial on how to make cute, fast, self-made packages. They are self painted, respectively self stamped boxes like the recycled card pillow box I presented some time ago.
Concerning the stamping I even found an instruction on how to mass produce greeting cards (it is no real mass production, but she’s making a good many beautiful greeting cards ;-))

I had no reason yet to make this, but it is not soo long until Christmas ;-))
On the photo I already arranged my (for a good deal self carved) stamps ;-)

Decorating Boxes for Special Occasions
Pattern Paper & Mass Produced Cards

At unikatissima:
Recycled Card Pillow Box
Eraser Stamps

Colorful Raggedy Scrap Scarf

craftster Raggedy Scarf

I found at craftster (again! ;-)) something beautiful: the colorful raggedy scrap scarf.

I imagine that some big self-made knitting needles could be used?!

I guess that I’ll have to purchase a lot of jumble sale fabric and old t-shirts, because I don’t have much fabric scraps ;-)
To-do-list again ;-))

At craftster:
Colorful Raggedy Scrap Scarf
Chopstick/dowel knitting needle tutorial

How to cut down a t-shirt
How to cut fabric strips from old t-shirts

Here at unikatissima:
Self-made Crochet Hooks And Knitting Needles

Plastic Straw Lantern

Plastic Straw Lantern from Ironed Straws

A long time ago I found a tutorial on how to make a lantern from plastic straws. I even tried it and it worked fine. But I gave the lanterns away without taking any photos ;-(

The instruction is in German with illustrating photos.


Here is a translation:

  • Plastic drinking straws
  • Parchment paper
  • Iron
  • An old wooden tray
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tealight

That’s what you have to do:

  • Lay the parchment paper on your working space, perhaps lay even the old wooden tray underneath.
  • Lay the plastic straws neatly on the parchment paper and lay another layer of parchment paper on it.
  • Iron on highest setting, but without steam over the parchment paper on the plastic straws. The straws will melt.
  • If everything became flat, let the plastic cool down. You can hear that they cool because there is a cracking noise.
  • Carefully release the straws from the parchment paper.
  • Cut the ‘mat’ with the scissors in the form you want.
  • Fix the ends with the tape and put a tealight into.

What I learned when testing it:

  • Best iron in an well ventilated area, because there are (toxic?) vapours.
  • The ironed straws are very, very hot, so make sure to let them cool down thoroughly.
  • Never iron plastic directly, but put always some parchment paper between iron and plastic to protect the iron.
  • Make the lantern big enough, so that it can’t inflame from being to near the flame of the tealight.

Plastic Straw Lantern (German)

Fried Marbles

craftster Fried Marbles.jpg

Once I found a tutorial on how to make fried/baked marbles: don’t they look great?
I couldn’t make them yet, but I have put them on my to-do-list.

For the wire work she did in the tutorial you can find inspiration and tutorials at WigJig University Jewelry Making Designs as I did for the Tealight Wire Spiral some days ago.

At Best way to make fried marbles+a suncatcher… kind of.

WigJig University Jewelry Making Designs

Here at unikatissima: Tealight Wire Spiral