Hot Glue Stamp

ARD-Buffet Hot Glue Stamp

The link doesn’t exist anymore, that’s why I present another hot glue stamp.
Personally I find that the hot glue stamp is not only great for Advent time ;-)

Actually you ‘paint’ your design with hot glue on a piece of wood and sand it carefully to get an even surface on your stamp.


Hot Glue Stamp (Weihnachtlicher Stempelkasten) (German) (text and video)

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Hot Glue Stamp
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Glue Gun Snowflakes

Muslin and Merlot Glue Gun Snowflakes

A nice idea: make with a glue gun snowflakes and colour them with nail polish :)

But you can make much more with a glue gun :)


Glue Gun Snowflakes (Glue Gun Snowflakes!)
via: Unbelievably Cool Things You Can Make With A Glue Gun – 1. DIY Glue Gun Snow Flakes
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Candle Lit Photo Stands

unikatissima Candle Lit Photo Stand

When there comes the time again where you can sit on your patio and dine with friends (ok, ok, it will still take some time, but a woman can dream ;-)), the candle lit photo stands can make a romantic atmosphere.
In the instruction they print their own photos on vellum and glue them on, I preferred my favourite gift wrap.
Besides you should also be able to use the topmost layer of the used paper napkins (possibly glued on vellum), then everything matches even better.

Photo Centerpiece

Photo Pencils

A lovely little gift could be the photo pencils with your own photo.
I really like the idea, it is similar to the paper pen decoration, but this time with your own photos and for a couple of pencils.
Furthermore it must be nice to decorate the recycled magazine rollups that I presented yesterday instead of pencils by glueing the clippings of your own photo on the paper rolls :)

Make Your Own Photo Pencils

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Paper Pen Decoration
Recycled Magazine Rollups

Crazy Quilt Photo Frame

Crazy Quilt Photo Frame

Once I wanted to make a photo frame for a friend. There are so many ways to do this, but then I got an idea I still find great ;-))


Crazy Quilt Photo Frame I used a simple glass frame as seen on the second photo that I already had at home and glued a kind of Paper Crazy Quilt with two windows for the photos onto the glass.
I used flower photos from an ad as paper and the only embroidery stitches I used where the zigzag stitches, because I wanted it to be simple.


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Paper Crazy Quilt

Faux Milk Glass Jewelry

Rosyscription Faux Milk Glass Jewelry

Well, doesn’t the faux milk glass jewelry look nice?
Simply made from hot glue ;-)

The textured faux milk glass and the faux ceramic and milk glass vases are made in another way.


Faux Milk Glass Jewelry (Faux Milk Glass Jewelry Pendants)
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Textured Faux Milk Glass
Faux Ceramic and Milk Glass Vases