Fabric Bowl

imagine fabric Fabric Bowl

Doesn’t this fabric bowl look beautiful?
And it seems to be quite easy to make (although I often underestimate such things ;-)).
Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it just as the other clothesline fabric bowl because my sewing machine still can’t make the zig zag stitch.


Here at unikatissima: Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl

T-Shirt Necklace

cucumbersome T-Shirt Necklace

I presented already some tutorials with t-shirts, this time it is about making a necklace from the t-shirt (the link isn’t available no more, but she presents a tutorial for a recycled t-shirt bracelet which is done similarly).
When I heard it first I thought: ‘That’s silly’ but the photos convinced me that it’s not ;-)

And if you don’t have a t-shirt at hand take some old stockings ;-)

DIY Recycled Fabric Necklace
The link isn’t available no more, but she presents a tutorial for a recycled t-shirt bracelet which is done similarly

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Self-made Oilcloths

Burdastyle Self-made Oilcloths

I surfed the net and learned to my astonishment that you can make your own oilcloth – from fabric and self-adhesive sheets for covering books.
However I heard that sewing on self-adhesive sheets can make the sewing needles sticky, on the other hand the stickiness will be ironed there so perhaps it’s no more poblem.

Self-made Oilcloths Turn Fabrics into Oilcloths!)

Card Holder

Recyclart Card Holder

Wow, an idea again that I really appreciate: take a phone book, roll it up and fix it with a ring of a nature what-so-ever and done is the card holder!

The silver coloured ring looks quite good, but I imagine that it would look as good when you wrap your card holder with wire, plastic, beautiful yarns or fabrics or when you slip a poymer clay ring over, the only thing to make sure is that you fix everything well.
And in place of the Yellow Pages you can use as well coloured ads or paper – neatly stacked – or books where you removed the cover.

Card Holder (Reusing Yellow pages) – they’re linking to another website but I didn’t find the Card Holder on the other web page

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Fabric Scrap Scarf

craftstylish Fabric Scrap Scarf

Again a scarf from scraps ;-)
But this time it’s not only about scraps nor scarves: It’s about this technique, where you arrange fabric pieces and/or yarns on water-soluble sheet, where you make it ‘unslippable’ by spraying it with fabric glue where necessary, where you cover it with water-soluble sheet again and then sew more or less wildly in all directions to connect all elements with each other.
After rinsing it (thoroughly!) you get a more or less delicate fabric that you can use as scarf like on the photo, but you can also make a top top top or a one-of-a-kind vest one-of-a-kind vest poncho from.

There is even a book that shows how you can mix this technique with felting.

I really must do this once ;-)


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Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl

CraftStylish Clothesline Sewing-Sew A Fabric Bowl

After having presented clothesline crochet and clothesline knitting I have now ‘clothesline sewing’ ;-)

The point here is to take a cord and at the same time cover it with fabric and coil a basket from the whole thing just as with the ‘real’ basket coiling.

I find the little baskets absolutely cute, but I have a sewing machine so old that it doesn’t even have a zig zag stitch and I won’t do this by hand! ;-)

Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl (How to Sew a Fabric Bowl)

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