Stamped Paperweights

Gathering Beauty Stamped Paperweights

These most beautiful stamped paperweights are wrapped stones :)
They are made in a similar way than the stamped clay containers.


Stamped Paperweights (DIY embossed clay stone paperweights.) (englisch)
via: 12 Air Dry Clay Projects that will instantly inspire you!

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Stamped Clay Containers

Paper Ring

instructables nvilchis Paper Ring

I find rings from paper fascinating (see link list below), that’s why I present this paper ring which is made this time from layered paper :)


Paper Ring (Paper Rings That You Can Actually Use Everyday)

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Paper Ring (wrapped)
Paper Ring (with ‘paper stone’)
Paper Rings (wrapped)

Fabric and Wire Bracelets

Missficklemedia Fabric and Wire Bracelets

I find these bracelets from old saris really beautiful!
In the same way you can easily make matching earrings, pins, beads etc. :)


Fabric and Wire Bracelets (Recycled Sari Silk and Gemstone Jewelry)

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Golden Rock Earrings

Hello Hydrangea Golden Rock Earrings

Don’t these very simple earrings, apparently being made from gilded little stones, look great?
I can imagine them also be made from gilded paper maché, then they’re lighter and what is more you could make a large matching pin :)


Golden Rock Earrings (Giveaway: Muck – a – Duck)

Faux Lapis Lazuli

DesiredCreations Polymer Clay Lapis Lazuli

Did you always wanted a giant Lapis Lazuli pendant?
No problem: Make your semiprecious stone yourself ;-))
And if not Lapis Lazuli, then try other faux stones ;-)

How to make faux Lapis Lazuli

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Every Week a Freeform Scrumble

Prudence Mapstone A Scrumble a Week

The grande dame of freeform has a blog where she presents every week a freeform scrumble, viz. a piece worked in freeform that can form a whole item together with others.
I liked the scrumble on the picture best :)

Every Week a Freeform Scrumble (Prudence Mapstone A Scrumble a Week)
Photo from scrumble # 30

Knot Just Knitting – freeform knitting & crochet by Prudence Mapstone, see there in the upper neavigation list ‘what is freeform’

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Freeform Needlework

Fake Rock Keychain

craftbits Fake Rock Keychain

Must be quite heavy, such a rock key chain, mustn’t it?
It mustn’t! ;-))
It is fake stone and made from foam and spraypainted ;-)

I don’t quite understand how it works and why it isn’t dented, but at the moment I can’t make it because I still need my mattress at night ;-))

And by the way it should be possible to make them from paper maché, shouldn’t it?
And wearing it around your neck should look, great, too ;-)

Fake Rock Keychain